History of DeVries Meats

John DeVries, son of a meat cutter in the Netherlands had a dream of owning his own meat business.  He enrolled at the First Netherlands Slaughterhouse School.  En Utrecht, got a degree as required by law in the Netherlands to open his own business.  He graduated in December 1948.

After World War II opportunities in Europe were scarce. So in January 1952 Newlyweds John and Grace immigrated to New Jersey, USA.

In 1958 he realized their dream and purchased the Struble Slaughterhouse in Newton New Jersey.

In the fall of 1973, they followed friends and relatives to West Michigan, when they purchased the Jewell Slaughterhouse in Coopersville.

In 1985 tragedy struck when John was taken from us with a sudden heart attack.  However the business continued with the 3rd generation of DeVies Meat men.

Over the years the business grew and evolved from a state inspected custom to a USDA inspected facility.  New technologies and procedures were adopted to comply with food supply and animal welfare issues.

On February 14, 2010 the entire production facility was destroyed by a fire.  Fortunately no one was injured, and no animals were harmed.  The plant was rebuilt using state of the art technology and construction.  Today we look forward to the future to serve customers need with the AWM certified humane livestock handling facilities, CO2 stunning and quick chill technology. 

We offer the latest in smoked products using both traditional methods and natural “uncured” products. Our sausage department utilizes German technology for precise and quality products, again using traditional or natural seasonings.

Your Meat is entirely processed on site, never leaving until you pick it up to enjoy.  If you desire to market your own product for sale we will assist you in labeling and processing to comply with USDA Guidelines.


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