Wholesale Cuts Of Pork

Source: National Pork Producers Council

With a market weight of 250 pounds and a yield of
73.6 percent, the typical hog will produce a 184-pound
carcass. The carcass will yield approximately 140 pounds
of pork and 44 pounds of skin, fat and bone.

Ham - 45 pounds, 24 percent of the carcass
25.5 pounds of cured ham, 2.3 pounds of fresh ham,
5.8 pounds of trimmings and 11.4 pounds of skin, fat
and bone

Side (Belly) - 34.9 pounds, 19 percent of the carcass
19 pounds of cured bacon, 5.8 pounds of spareribs,
9.1 pounds of trimmings and 1 pound of fat

Loin - 33.8 pounds, 18 percent of the carcass
3.2 pounds of backribs, 10.7 pounds of boneless loin,
7.6 pounds of country-style ribs, 5.7 pounds of sirloin
roast, 1.6 pounds of tenderloin, 1.6 pounds of trimmings
and 3.4 pounds of fat and bone

Picnic - 16.6 pounds, 9 percent of the carcass
12.6 pounds of boneless picnic meat and 4 pounds of skin,
fat and bone

Boston Butt - 14.7 pounds, 8 percent of the carcass
4.4 pounds of blade steaks, 7.8 pounds of blade roast,
1.7 pounds of trimmings and 0.8 pounds of fat

Miscellaneous - 39.2 pounds, 22 percent of the carcass
15.4 pounds of jowls, feet, tail, neck bones, etc., 22
pounds of skin, fat and bone and 1.8 pounds of shrink
and miscellaneous loss


"Vaccum packed in clear, labeled packages
No mystery or surprise dinners!"

Standard Pork Cut

Smoked Hams with Center Slice and 3 to 4 lb. Butt and Shank End Roast Bacon - Medium thick sliced in approximate 1 lb. packages

Fresh Shoulder Roast - 3 to 4 lb.s. each

Pork Steaks - 2 per package, 3/4" thick

Pork Chops - 4 per package, 3/4" thick

Spareribs - 1 slab per pkg, cut in 4 pcs

Hocks boned for sausage

Sausage in 1 lb. bulk packages - Breakfast style


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