Animal Welfare Approved

October 15,2013
Ken DeVries, Owner
DeVries Meats, Inc.
17685 80th Ave
Coopersville, MI. 49404


Dear Mr. DeVries,

Congratulations on passing the review of your slaughter facility conducted by the Animal Welfare Approved program. A copy of the review is enclosed for your records.

The Animal Welfare Approved program appreciates your cooperation in providing our Slaughter Plant Review Specialist with access to the plant and your efforts to ensure the proper handling and slaughtering of animals, thereby acting as a role model in the slaughter plant industry.

This letter of compliance may be posted on your premises and confirms that DeVries Meats, Inc., 17685 80th Ave., Coopersville, MI 49404, at the time of visit by our Slaughter Plant Review Specialist, passed the Animal Welfare Approved program's slaughter plant review for pigs on September 26, 2013 and thereby is in compliance with 1) Animal Welfare Approved requirements for humane pre-slaughter handling including the American Meat Institute Recommended Animal Handling Guidelines and 2) Federal Humane Slaughter Act regulations.

The confirmation is valid for one year from the date of issuance. If compliance concerns arise prior to the one year mark, our Slaughter Plant Review Specialist will follow-up and offer assistance in achieving a resolution.

For plants that farmers in the Animal Welfare Approved program are using we will offer continuous advice to help you achieve the highest standards within the processing plant industry. If no assistance is needed, we will touch base again on a yearly basis, provided farmers in our program are still using your services, to ask permission to do another review in order to keep the farmer in good standing.

We will notify the referring farmer that your plant passed the review. All other information shall remain confidential.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Program Coordinator

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